Creating the Ideal Facial Balance

Chin augmentation is a customized procedure to address any of the following aesthetic issues. The implant selected to enhance your look will be chosen carefully and may extend along the jawline or be strictly within the chin.

  • Receding chin
  • Small chin 
  • Lack of facial harmony due to chin proportion
  • Weak or recessed chin structure
  • Lack of definition at neck and jawline
  • Reduce the look of a double chin
  • More elegant facial profile
  • Stronger jawline

What Types of Chin Implants are There?

Chin augmentation can be performed with non-surgical dermal fillers, but over time the filler is re-absorbed and retreatment will be needed. With a chin implant, the enhanced shape and projection of your chin will last forever and is a one-time procedure. The types of implants include:

Silicone Chin Implants

These implants are available in a vast range of shapes and sizes, and when in place, feel like natural chin bone and tissue. They are also customizable to suit the patient.

Gore-Tex Chin Implants

These implants are made from a substance called polytetrafluoroethylene, which is slightly sturdier than silicone and is porous, and allows the tissues to grow into the implant with your natural tissue holding it in place.

Medpor Chin Implants

These implants are like Gore-Tex but are slightly less flexible, and may be appropriate for some chin enhancements.

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What Does Custom Chin Augmentation Surgery Involve?

The surgery involves placing an incision underneath your chin through which a surgical pocket is created. The implant is then placed within the pocket around your existing chin bone structure. This is an outpatient procedure, most often performed with oral medications and local anesthesia. The surgery takes about one hour to complete and is very well tolerated. Once the implant is in place, the incision is closed with sutures and your chin will be bandaged, protecting the area in place during healing.

Chin Augmentation Before & After

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What is the Downtime?

The recovery from chin augmentation surgery is typically uneventful and not particularly painful. Most people return to work or other activities in about one week. You will need to sleep on your back with your head elevated on extra pillows or a wedge. You can expect some swelling which will peak at about day three and then quickly fade, with residual swelling fading in about one month. At this time, you will be given the go-ahead to resume more vigorous physical activities.

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Dr. Bharat Shah: Springfield’s Leading Facial Plastic Surgeon

If you feel your chin is too small and are considering chin augmentation surgery, you want the result to be exceptionally attractive. Dr. Shah is a double-board certified plastic surgeon who is recognized as a leader in the field. Your surgery will be performed at his private, luxury clinic in Springfield where you can expect personalized care before, during, and following your surgery. His meticulous attention to detail, eye for balance, and focus on ensuring you are happy with your results make him the ideal surgeon for this custom surgery. Your results can dramatically improve your facial balance and will last a lifetime.

Chin Augmentation for Men and Women in Springfield, MO

Men may choose to undergo chin augmentation to create a more masculine facial look by increasing the chin and jaw size and projection when the chin is small or weaker in appearance. Most women undergo the surgery to create a more elegant profile, reduce the look of a double chin, and create a lovely balance between the forehead, face, and chin.

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