Have You Wanted to Feel Better About Your Ears?

As a board-certified plastic surgeon, facial plastic surgeon, and ear, nose, and throat specialist, Dr. Shah has vast experience and knowledge of facial plastic surgery. He is known for achieving refined, sophisticated results. Ear surgery is a cosmetic surgery performed on the part of your ear that people see (known as an auricle). This ear structure consists of folds of cartilage covered with skin.

During an otoplasty, Dr. Shah can correct the position, size, or shape of your ears by adjusting the auricle. It is an external procedure on your ears, so it does not impact your hearing. However, our ear surgery patients tell us this surgery has significantly improved their self-esteem.

What Can an Ear Surgery Do for Me?

Dr. Shah is an expert, compassionate surgeon, respected and trusted for his skills and personalized care. When you visit our offices, you and Dr. Shah will first meet to ensure that together you are aligned on your aesthetic goals for your ears. There are different types of ear surgery, although most focus on re-shaping the ears to beautifully frame the face. The types of ear surgeries include:

  • Ear pinning: Bringing your ears parallel to your head
  • Ear augmentation: Increasing ear size after trauma or due to a congenital defect
  • Ear reduction: Reducing the size of your ears or earlobes

What is Involved in an Ear Surgery?

Like all procedures at Shah Plastic Surgery, you can expect a superior patient experience, personalized care, and world-class results. Your ear surgery may take 1 to 3 hours and will be performed in our private, luxury offices. Dr. Shah will give you local anesthesia and a sedative.

He will make a small, almost invisible incision on the inside folds of your ear or behind your ear. He will then manipulate the tissue of your ear to create the most attractive, balanced look. Then he will close the incision with tiny stitches and wrap your head with a temporary bandage to protect your ears.

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Should I Take Off Time From Work or School?

You can generally return to your usual schedule within a few days of your ear surgery. It is normal to experience some tenderness for several weeks after your procedure, but oral pain medications are usually all that is needed for comfort. Avoid any actions that could put pressure or impact your ears during healing. You should sleep on your back with your head elevated. After the first week, Dr. Shah will replace your bandages with a soft headband. You will begin to see results from your ear surgery immediately, with the swelling fully resolved within about 2 to 3 months.

Ear Surgery for Children

Ear surgery is one of the few cosmetic surgeries that can be performed on young children. Dr. Shah is a warm, caring professional that children (and adults) trust. He is double board-certified and the leading plastic surgeon in the area. If your child has ears that protrude or have an unusual shape, you can trust that he or she will be safe when under the care of an exceptional plastic surgeon.

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Schedule An Ear Surgery at Shah Plastic Surgery

At Shah Plastic Surgery, Dr. Bharat Shah employs the most advanced surgical techniques to provide superior results, with minimal downtime. We pride ourselves on supporting your journey with world-class patient care, discretion, privacy, and advanced patient safety protocols. Whether you want to adjust the shape, projection, or correct an abnormality, Dr. Shah and Shah Plastic Surgery is an acclaimed Springfield plastic surgeon who cares about his patients and their comfort, and ensures they enjoy the most attractive results.

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