When this area is elongated, it can give your face a less balanced look. If age-related, it causes the lips to appear less plump and full. A lip lift involves removing a sliver of skin and tissue along the underside of the nose to subtly lift the upper lip to reveal more of the beauty of your smile.

What Can a Lip Lift Do for Me?

If you have a thinner upper lip, you may have depended on dermal filler injections to add volume and a plumper, more appealing look. A lip lift allows you to enjoy a fuller upper lip that lasts, with no need to undergo regular repeated treatments. As the area below your nose is shortened, it causes the inner vermilion lip structure to be revealed, creating a very lovely, natural enhancement.

Should I Get a Lip Lift?

If you dream of having a fuller upper lip along with revealing more teeth when you smile, a lip lift could be the ideal way to enhance your look. This custom facial plastic surgery can:

  • Shorten the distance between the nose and upper lip
  • Create a larger upper lip by revealing more of the vermilion lip that was hidden within your smile
  • Enhance the look of your “Cupid’s bow”
  • Create a younger, more appealing facial appearance
  • Achieve a smoothing effect on vertical lip lines
  • Reveal more upper teeth when you smile
  • Address a permanent frown due to downturned lip corners
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What is the Lip Lift Procedure?

A lip lift procedure is performed with local anesthesia and sedation. Once the area is numbed, a sliver of skin and tissue is removed along the natural line beneath the nose in a shape commonly called a bullhorn. The scar is virtually invisible once healed, as it is hidden by the nose. A lip lift may be performed as an anti-aging treatment to correct the increased distance between nose and mouth, or in younger patients who want enhanced lips and no longer want to rely on regular filler injections. The result should appear entirely natural, and when under the care of Dr. Shah, it will. His precision approach and advanced techniques have led to his reputation for excellence in facial plastic surgery.

What to Expect After a Lip Lift

The recovery from a lip lift is typically easy. The stitches will be removed in about a week, and the incision line will fade over time. Initially, it’s easy to hide with makeup, which can be applied once the incision has healed and the sutures have been removed (about two weeks).

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Lip Lift Surgery: Youthful Beauty and Balance

Facial beauty is affected by the balance between your features. With the distance between the nose and upper lip shortened, your face looks much younger, with the added benefit of enhancing the fullness of the upper lip.

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Lip Lift Specialist in Springfield: Shah Plastic Surgery

While a lip lift is a minor surgical procedure, the amount of tissue removed makes all the difference in the outcome. Dr. Shah has been voted “Top Plastic Surgeon” for ten years in succession and is widely recognized as the leading facial plastic surgeon in the region. His compassion, warmth, and mastery of facial plastic surgery make him the ideal specialist to perform this delicate enhancement. You can expect to restore the youthful balance of your face and enjoy a fuller, more attractive upper lip, with a result that lasts — no more fillers required!

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